Silk Business Cards Silver Foil 36pt

Silk Business Cards Silver Foil 36pt

Silk Business Cards Silver Foil 36pt – are a duplexed product comprised of 2 cards combined to make one thick business card.  Why would someone combine two cards together?  Most people are looking for a thick business card that makes a big statement.  These Silk Business Cards Silver Foil 36pt are really one of our better selling products that we produce and some of the thickest.  Though our standard silk business cards at 16pts may be just enough for most people a 36pt heavy business card is an option for those who want more.

Silver Foil Stamping

You can choose from silver foil stamping, gold or copper foil to apply to your business cards.  The foil is added to enhance portions and elements of your business cards that you want to have a metallic mirror finish in either foil color.  If you choose an edge paint option to match, you have a choice of gold, copper and “nickel”.  Silver is not a applicable option as it does not dry correctly.  You can also match up you foil with other edge colors in contrast of your design.

Edge Painting

Why do we edge paint?  It’s for a few reasons, but the 2 most important reasons are to hide the edge seam with duplexed cards and to enhance the edge of the card.  The edge of a business card is usually white and if your design is all black, then you may want to paint the edges of your business cards black.  This will give your cards a look as if printed on black stock.  Works great with other edge paint colors as well. is the first online printer to introduce the edge painting technique back in 2009 on CMYK process printed products.  Now it’s the most popular premium business card option in the world today.