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Black Custom Business Cards

Printed for Trillium Properties, LLC by

Printing these business cards is just the beginning.  Our 36pt Silk Duplexed Business Cards with custom “hot foil stamping”, custom die cut and black painted edges.  Taking on the task of creating these business cards was not easy, there are several steps in the process before the Black Custom Business Cards are completed and ready to ship.  The silk laminated finish gives the cards a smooth silky, matte finish that works very well with different foils and even spot uv treatments.  The cards were printed in full color CMYK ink and completed on a letterpress before black edge paint is applied to hide the seam.

It’s not uncommon to have clients with exceptional taste and Trillium’s cards show this very well.  Over the years our business cards have graced the pages of the world wide web.  Now with new products and improved techniques we can produce business cards that represent their owners as well as their owners represent themselves.  You will love the look and feel of your own new cards.

We take pride in the projects we take on and no project is ever the same at all.  A lot of times we expect to have the same process take place on similar items, but there are so many factors in each order that make them that much different from each other. Every order we take is just as unique and creative as the next, yet so far from being the same.   We encourage all our clients to design a card that represents them and not the other way around.  Most business card orders that come through are close copies of business cards seen on the net.


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