Printing For Corporations

Have more than 20 employees?

If you have a large number of employees or your company purchases printed materials often or in bulk, you may qualify for a corporate discount code.  



•  10% Unlimited Discount Code

•  Primary Sales Representative*

•  1st order must meet a minimum requirement of $500

CONCIERGE PACKAGE – $120 per year

•  A 12% discount code – 1 year subscription based

•  Primary Sales Representative*

•  Order Concierge**

*A Primary Sales representative comes with either package.  He or she is a single point of reference individual who will help you with all of your orders and questions.  A customer service rep with sales and logistics experience.

**An Order Concierge is a Primary Sales Representative who simply takes your orders via email or over the phone.  You would email your files over, send through our uploader or send through a dropbox account.  Email or call in the details, quantities, ship-to addresses etc.  Your Order Concierge will create your account for you and store your credit card information offline.  We place the order for you on your own account so you can receive updates via email.  You can also login to your account to see and print out previous orders.  The people handling your private information are trusted individuals who you can speak to and see personally.  Our only interest is to make your experience with us as simple as it could possibly be.

CALL: 310-746-5002 if you need more details.

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