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PremiumCards.net is a website owned and operated by Mindpower Creative Media, LLC.  We are located in sunny Southern California and produce ALL of our work here in USA.

Our business is family owned and operated since October 1st 1999.  Some of us have been with the company for many years and a some of our younger staff members are still taking courses at the nearby college.   As of 2016, this website is completely brand new.  It took 2 years to build and is still being detailed for as long as it needs.  Let us know if we’re missing something, we’re likely to add it to the website.

With some of the products on our website being proprietary to our company, you also have the advantage as a re-seller to provide a product that’s unique and hard to find.  We pride ourselves in being different and daring and do what we can to stay ahead of the game with products that we’ve created throughout the years.  We are also one of the few, if not the first printing firms to bring the edge painting technique to the average production printed business card, making it a hot item that you can’t do business without it.  Represent yourself with high end business cards.  A flimsy business card is like a flimsy handshake – Thanks for visiting, the PremiumCards.net Crew!

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    The Mission

    To produce a top notch product in a timely manner with little to no error and within a acceptable budget in order to satisfy the clients request.

    The Philosophy

    Make a client happy with service that no one else is willing to provide and bring to the table a wide range of capabilities that no other company can provide.

    Our Promise

    To produce the best product purchased by the client within expected industry standards or we reprint.  We do stand by our product and craftsmanship within terms and industry standards.

    Privacy Policy

    The information we collect about you and your ship to addresses are never shared outside of the Mindpower Creative Media, LLC family.  Sensitive information such as credit cards are not stored on our system or in our offices.  These are safely kept in our vendor credit card acceptance company (currently Paypal)

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